Madeleine Lachesnez Heude

HelloFresh Direct Mail Innovation

HelloFresh Direct Mail

Role: Art Direction & Design Creative Director: Jodi Edwards

Direct mail can be, well, boring. Chances are most of us just throw it out as soon as we get it and with that in mind we challenged the status quo and created print pieces that would wow customers and increase open rate. Working with our printers I concepted and created two new pieces. For the first, I used a traditional pop up card technique to add a little surprise for customers who opened it. The interior pop up not only created a 3-D scene but also helped illustrate exactly how our product gets to consumers and what it actually looks like.


For the next version, I took it a step further, creating a dimensional piece that had customers pulling on the tab to reveal the interior of what actually comes inside our boxes. The images they pulled up illustrated the way we use kit bags within the box to hold our ingredients and recipe cards, letting customers virtually experience what it might be like to use our product.